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Even more time, no writing!

As I know many of you can appreciate, I find myself scattered between so many different activities and commitments that it gets hard to keep everything on task.  Writing for this 'journal' or 'blog' is something that keeps getting away from me.  As much as i enjoy writing, I don't take the time to collect my thoughts or even edit things that I have written for others, and post them here.  MAYBE I can actually do better with this!

There are so many things happening, things that impact us as followers of Christ and citizens of a world that is changing so fast.  Recent revelations tell us a staggering level of data collection and intrusion by government, corporations, and criminals.  As a psychiatrist, privacy has always been a primary concern. An individuals issues and struggles are nobody else's business!  For several years I have naively trusted Yahoo as an email provider, but it is now clear that this is no longer a good choice.  From now on, any communications that you may send to me will be handled by a secure provider.

In addition, I would like to implement encryption in all communications.  Please understand that email is the electronic equivalent of sending a postcard.  Anyone along the route can read your message!  To secure this, we can utilize encryption which is basically a private "code" or "cypher" that the computer implements to make the message unreadable without the key.  Using email encryption is really not difficult and I can help my patients do this.  I will post a public encryption key on this site for messages sent to me, and will help you do the same so that I can respond to you in a secure fashion.

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