A Christian Psychiatrist

Christian Psychiatrist...what exactly is that?  Many people would say that those two words cannot belong together.  Some time back I saw a post on a physicians' web forum by a psychiatrist asking why anyone would go see a psychiatrist who is obviously delusional!  Twenty-five years ago, I might have said the same thing.  But that was before I became a follower of Jesus Christ.  

As explained elsewhere, I believe that spiritual factors are important in optimal mental health, yet are often overlooked.  I believe in the sovereignty of God, and He may have brought you to this site looking for help.

The Scripture teaches that we were created in the image of God.  This phrase does not mean that we are duplicates of God or "gods in training", but image bearers.  We exhibit some of His characteristics in our lives.  We have minds, so we think and we plan.  Sometimes we worry.  We have emotions, and sometimes our feelings overpower us.  We have morals, and sometimes we harshly judge ourselves or others.  We love beauty and are often creative. We want relationships and reach out to others. We can love sacrificially.  All of these characteristics can contribute to a full and satisfying life, but they can also contribute to emotional pain.  By approaching your situation as informed by a Christian world view, I believe that you can recieve the best possible care.

Professionally, I am a Board Certified Psychiatrist (1988) with subspecialty boards in Addiction Psychiatry (1993) and Forensic Psychiatry (1994).  I have practiced in many settings including the US Navy, private practice, hospital based practice, public psychiatry, addiction hospital, prison consultant, and court consultant.  I have completed significant coursework towards a Masters in Christian Apologetics at the Birmingham Theological Seminary.


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