Bio-Psycho-Social-Spiritual Model of Treatment

Various factors impact our emotions and ability to function.  Some may lead to distress or problems.  They generally fall into four "realms" or dimensions.  Each realm has an impact and should be examined and treated for optimal improvement.

  • Biological/Chemical – Everyone’s emotional health is affected to some extent by his physical health. Genetics, medications, injury, illness,  and substance use all play significant roles.
  • Psychological - Everyone's way of thinking, patterns of behavior, learned attitudes and beliefs, self-image, self-talk, ideals, goals,  and dreams play a significant role in one's mental health.
  • Social / Relational - From childhood onward, we are relational creatures.  Relational injuries or unhealthy patterns of interaction are examples of issues which fall into this realm.
  • Spiritual - We are created for a relationship with God; our beliefs and practices have a marked effect on our wellbeing.  There may also be spiritual influences in this life that can have a negative impact on mental health


Treatment can include:

  • Medications; dietary changes; exercise; sleep hygiene

  • Exploration of beliefs, self-talk, self image & self esteem; reworking "leftover" issues from childhood and adolescence

  • Working on relational injuries from earlier in life; reworking unhealthy patterns of relationship in the present

  • Prayer, Bible study assignments, application of Biblical world & life view

These lists are not comprehensive, but just provide a few examples; hopefully they will help you understand my views and approach to treatment a bit better.  These areas will be explored during our initial consultation.