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Long time, no posts!

It has been far too long since I have written here, and there are many things to write about.  The past year has been very difficult with the terminal phase of my wife's cancer and ultimately her death in October 2014.  Through the hard times I have learned a lot about myself and our Lord, knowledge and experience that has changed me and certainly impacts my work.  At the same time I see a world around me that is dramatically different from the world of even 10 years ago.  There are many thoughts that I hope to share in the coming months via this blog as part of my website.

There are so many different topics to discuss but they ultimately come down to TRUTH: truth of who we are as individuals and as a society, truth about God,  truth about the thoughts, emotions, and behaviors we struggle with, truth about our struggle with God in a broken world, and truth about the world around us.  When people find it surprising that I am an engineer, a doctor, a psychiatrist, and a Christian who actively seeks to teach and defend the Word of God, I simply come back to this issue of truth.

There ARE truths about us, God, and our world.  These truths can be known.  Such knowledge ought to have a significant impact on how our lives are lived.  A correct understanding of these truths will not be contradictory in any way, but shall be coherent and rational.  If that is not the case, then we understand something incorrectly.

Keep checking in and I will do my part to provide some thought provoking ideas for your consideration.  Thanks for reading.

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