Welcome to my new website which I hope will provide a great deal of useful information for new patients, as well as valuable discussions for established patients and anyone else who wanders along!  The format of this site has fixed components, which can be reached through the navigation to the right, as well as an ongoing journal/blog in which I will share thoughts over time.

For new patients:  The links to the right are a good starting point for collecting information about how I conduct my practice of psychiatry.  Also there is some background information on me at the top of the page (Jack W. Murbach, M.D.) that is linked as well.  There are sections discussing my general approach to patients, as well as specific sections with information about various clinical disorders.  There will also be information added via journal entries over time that will have information that you may find useful as well.  Finally, there is information about how I schedule patients and how to contact me.

Established patients:  The main change you will see from my old website is the capacity for the ongoing journal or blog entries.  In moving to this new format, I hope to be able to share a number of thoughts about who we are as people (from a Christian worldview) as well as specific issues that may arise in treatment issues in my work.  As a committed follower of Christ, I strive to understand the world from a Christian perspective.  If we were created by the God who has revealed Himself in Scripture, then a correct approach to dealing with life and our problems must make use of this information.  Also, you will find various apologetics topics, that is, a rational defense of the Christian faith.  If Christianity is true, and I believe that it is (and can be shown to be true) then optimal treatment of emotional issues should be informed by an accurate understanding of God's world.  I look forward to communicating more through writings on my new site.

So have a look around, and please get back with me with your feedback.  There is now a secure email form on the Contact page, so it can be quite easy to share your thoughts with me.  Initially, there will not be a 'comments' section on the blog, but if this looks to be useful as we move forward,  that can be changed.

Jack W. Murbach, M.D.