What is Christian Psychiatry?


Emotional problems can occur in anyone regardless of faith.  Unfortunately, there is a bias in much of the Christian community against seeking psychiatric care. People have been taught that mental illness results from sin, and that only spiritual practices will provide healing.  However, Biblical counseling is simply not sufficient for many mental health issues.

On the other hand, all too often secular psychiatrists are insensitive to issues of faith in their patients.  Few psychiatrists share a Christian world view with their Christian patients.  They often view prayer as a superstition that may have a "placebo" effect in some individuals.

Most psychiatrists, whether Christian or secular, have little interest or expertise in treating addicted individuals.  Addiction is often viewed as a personal weakness by some secular therapists or evidence of a lack of true faith by a Christian counselor.  These views often result in specific strategies for treating addiction being misused or even unuse.

Birmingham Christian Psychiatry is committed to careful evaluation and treatment of all patients, using a biological / psychological / relational / spiritual framework of understanding and intervention.  This approach is used for both primary mental health issues, as well as for addiction.  Please have a look around my site, and see if you have found your source of help.