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Time keeps moving on!

I see it has been another couple of months since I last posted.  Life gets hectic, that's for sure.  Dealing with my practice as well as my wife's cancer can be overwhelming at times.

Just a brief thought to share:  Last week I was offered the chance to speak to UAB Medical and Dental students at the CMMA luncheon.  I delivered a brief talk to serve as an intro to Apologetics (the defense of the truth of Christianity).  It looks like I am going to have an opportunity to present a series of lectures dealing with this subject in the coming weeks.

As a psychiatrist, much of the work that I do concerns a search for certain truths in one's life.  Symptoms need to be relieved, but underneath it all there are usually issues that relate to the difficulty of living in a fallen world.  Over the years I have come to understand how much the TRUTH of Christ's message impacts our emotional well-being.  So a search for individual knowledge relating to personal distress, unhappiness, anxiety, and anger will generally lead back to a deeper look at ultimate truth.

Basically the talks will cover such topics as Truth and Knowledge, Evidence for the Existence of God, Competing Worldviews, Evidence for the Resurrection, and Reliability of Scripture.  There should be audio recordings made, and I will try to provide links for download.

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