Thoughts from a Christian Psychiatrist

Welcome to my website.  This section allows me to 'journal' (or blog, if you prefer) thoughts that may be of use both to my patients as well as our society at large.  As a Christian, I believe in absolute truth, and much of the work I do as a psychiatrist is a search for truth.

In the months ahead I will broaden the areas that I will be discussing.  Under the general category of "Christian Worldview" virtually anything can be examined, and so I will move beyond specific mental health issues and Christian thought to some commentary about the world that we find ourselves living in.  Please join me as I journey along in this journal.

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Welcome to my new website!

In moving to this new format, I hope to be able to share a number of thoughts about who we are as people (from a Christian worldview) as well as specific issues that may arise in treatment of issues that arise in my work.  Also, you will find various apologetics topics, that is, a rational defense of the Christian faith.  If Christianity is true, and I believe that it is (and can be shown to be true) then optimal treatment of emotional issues should be informed by an accurate understanding of God's world.  I look forward to communicating more through writings on my new site.

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